Claudia De Vos

artist and scent psychologist

Claudia De Vos is an artist and scent psychologist. Her expertise is to be found in the psychodynamics and the symbolism of natural scents, its active compounds and the (traditional) use of essential oils. This specific cross reference creates a unique view on sent psychology. She gives lectures and trainings on this subject and makes olfactory art. 

In her work she combines her two fields of expertise creating multi-sensory stories on scents. These olfactive stories are told by fragrances and objects, mostly created in ceramic. The fragrances used in the objects are originating from natural essential oils. 

The inspiration for her olfactive stories comes from a 'cross-reference' of historical and traditional plant use, plant myths, botanical facts, modern properties and experiences of users of essential oils. The artistic search for symbols or an archetypical expression of this is evident. In this way each object becomes a visual and olfactory metaphor of psychodynamic processes of the fragrance.

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