Sandra Schouten

Sandra Schouten is the artist behind Het Huis van Proeven. Her work moves between Social Design, Community Art and Food Art. The food and smell is no end in itself, but a means of interaction. The theatrical setting leads towards an intense experience, new conversations and discoveries.

Het Huis van Proeven/ Sandra Schouten tells stories with food and smell. She alienates situations by theatrical interventions and sensual eating experiences. She uses food and smell to meet each other, to share, to connect and to remember. Her work challenges you to look differently. To experience consciously, take a step to make a change, to get to know each other in other ways and to be meaningful together. This goes for participants of a festival and a conference or employees of a company and organization, as well as for the more vulnerable groups in our society, as people in nursing homes, people with a psychiatric past, children in a Centre for asylum or men in prison.


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