Presentation: Michalis Skourtaniotis

Monologue Dialogue

A multisensory performance

14 May 2017

Imagine a dialogue of live video art, contemporary music instruments, scent and performance art. A group of Greek artists from different disciplines come together for one single and unique performance, acting and reacting to their senses. You are invited to experience the Monologue Dialogue with your eyes, ears and nose. 

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Monologue Dialogue performing -

Composer and multiorganist Tilemachos Moussas, video artist Pantelis Makkas, performer Rosa Prodromou and perfume performer Spyros Drosopoulos come together for one single live audio video smell performance. Influenced by Pantelis Makkas’ video “Mono Logue” (2011) they converse and interact, each with their personal perspective and create the Dialogue of a Monologue. Tilemachos uses contemporary stringed and idiophone organs, Pantelis uses live video and video mapping techniques, Rosa sings and vocalising and Spyros composes a smell-scape, and together they create an unusual balanced world between music, picture and smell.


Spyros Drosopoulos smellscaping in Odorama: Alternative Perfumery - Margherita Soldati


Tilemachos Moussas: Electric and acoustic guitars, Brazilian berimbao, Theremin, Radio, Musical saw, Jaw harp
Pantelis Makkas: Live video, Video mapping, Painting with light
Rosa Prodromou: Singing, Improvisation, Voice
Spyros Drosopoulos: Performing Perfume

Monologue Dialogue: a multisensory performance
14 May 2017, Doors open 21.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €5,-