Creating event tickets in Stager

When you add a new event, you mostly do it from a template. Most templates already have tickets configures. In case you still need to do this, or adjust the tickets, here is how you do it. 


Setup of the ticketservice for events - This is the ticketsetup for the Pis'Talk of 30-04-2015

To get your tickets online in the webshop there are 2 important steps.

Step 1.
Make sure that your event in Stager is 'confirmed' in the main section. When creating an event in Stager it will always be in option first, you have to change it into 'confirmed' manually. Also it is important that you fill in the correct times. For example when the doors are open an half hour in advance. These times appear on the customer's ticket!

Step 2.
Go to the tab 'Tickets'. Fill in the maximum amount of tickets you would like to sell. 


Add a ticket on Stager example -

Below you will find the Ticket Types. Here you can decide what type of tickets will be on offer for the event. Is there door sale, web sale, both?

At the door we charge +€2.50, which is already in the system of Stager. This means that the prices you fill in at pre-sale and door can be the same amount. The same goes for Discount Pre-sale and Discount Door.

Also make sure that you tap all the Guest Tickets boxes.


tickets stager -



guest tickets stager -


Staff tickets at workshops: Configure the tickets so they only go 'on sale' on the workshop day at 8 AM. Workshops should be sold to buying costumers first and then be filled up with staff if not sold out:


staff tickets workshop -

How about tax and ticketservice charge?
For each ticket that is sold online there is an additional charge of €1.

Where to check how the ticket sales are going?
Go to the Tickets section in the main menu. Go to 'Ticket Management' and select your event. Here you can see exactly who bought a ticket, when, what kind etc. You can even download the ticket and re-send it to its owner if necessary.

Help! The ticket doesn't show in the webshop!
Is the event confirmed? Did you fill in the amount of tickets? 
Did you change the date of the event? Please notice that when you change the date of an event, the date of the ticket DOES NOT change likewise. Click on the little pencil of the ticket type and check if the date and time are still correct.

My event has free admission but I would like to register people, how do I do that?
You can create €0,- tickets.