Yi-Fei Chen

Concept Designer


Yi-Fei and her Tear Gun - Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven  Ronald Smits

With: Yi-Fei Chen

Fei is a Taiwanese concept designer who is currently located in The Netherlands as a cultural hacker, alternative explorer and creative strategist. This she achieved through her MA Social Design study at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016.

She experienced cultural struggles and a diverted mindset form the European environment. After having digested this and having sought for her position in this environment, her thought process has gotten more rich and confident. Now she has an unique insight and owns the design language.

In the beginning of her design career, she was fascinated by the relationship between human and objects. Now she is more into the dynamic between public and personal context. Her works are usually interactive devices or conceptual objects and use mechanic and ironic ways to convey a message.

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