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European Youth Press (EYP) is a network of youth media organisations in Europe. It works to build a society where empowered young media makers are actively participating and contributing to the public sphere by creating fair, independent and responsible media, fostering the development of democracy, international development and a sustainable future.


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The European Youth Press organises numerous events for young journalists and promotes the role of youth media and the freedom of the press in Europe. EYP also takes part in discussions about journalistic education standards and media policies throughout the European Union. The EYP sees itself as serving the national structures through the development and coordination of projects organised by young media makers in Europe. EYP provides contact forums and educational seminars for multipliers of the member associations. Above all, the aim of all member associations and of EYP is to inspire young people to become involved in the media and take an active part in civil society by fostering objective and independent journalism.

At Mediamatic, EYP organised the expert panel discussion event Reporting Corruption and Tax Avoidance: Investigative Tools on June 9th 2017.

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