Crying Out Loud: Tear Donation

Donate your tears for the sake of art

11 Oct 2017


During this free crying session Mediamatic provides you with the space to shed some tears in whatever way you feel comfortable. Donate your tears and have artist Karolina Ferenc make you a drink out of them or let photographer Maurice Mikkers crystalise them! Want to cry from cutting onions or from expressing emotions?

Since there is limited capacity, please RSVP by mailing to be able to join this event.


Yi-Fei and her Tear Gun - Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven  Ronald Smits

With: Yi-Fei Chen

Tasty Tears

Karolina Ferenc will create a beetroot drink with your donated tears. You can decide to drink it immediatley or take it home with you. By making a drink out of your tears, Karolina creates a way for crying not to be 'useless' or 'embarrassing', but to be useful and tasty!

Crystalising Tears

Maurice Mikkers will crystalise your tears to then photograph them using a microscope. He visualizes the stories of individual tears through photography. See the beautiful crystalline formation of your tears and how they differ from others.

How to cry?

Two separate spaces will give you the opportunity to either let your emotions flow or harvest your tears more mechanically. In one room you can watch videos, listen to music and recollect moments of sadness and joy. In another, there will be onions to chop and special crying sticks


This event precedes an evening of talks by crying expert prof. Ad Vingerhoets, artist/designer Karolina Ferenc, designer Yi-Fei Chen and photographer Maurice Mikkers in which we will critically reflect on crying, how it is perceived and what purpose it plays. Check out the main event here

Crying out Loud: Tear Donation
Wednesday 11 October 19:00
Free entrance
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam