wASH Exhibition

Installation of site-specific laundry detergent

9 Sep 2017
8 Oct 2017

Caroline Jacob tackles common preconceptions of food, waste and hygiene in her latest work wASH. Using waste materials of Mediamatic’s food production, she creates a site-specific laundry detergent through heirloom recipes for soaps. The installation of her project will be opened at Mediamatic Biotoop on the 9th of September.


Close up installation wASH - Designer Caroline Jacob reveals the properties of ash by creating a site-specific laundry detergent at Mediamatic. Caroline Jacob

Caroline Jacob presents a series of stained napkins as part of her quest to find the perfect recipe for her laundry detergent design wASH. In this work, she silk screen printed stains on the fabrics. Rather than applying ink she uses common ingredients responsible for the spots and wipes: fat, ink, wine and  animal proteins. The towels are washed on a regular 40° bath afterwards, revealing the soap performance.


Caroline showing how to make ash detergent -

Using the same technique during her research, she compared the different soap tests she had made and selected the recipe that had proved to be the best formula in terms of stain removing and fabric softening. As an indicator of the performance, Mediamatic ETEN’s customers who are dining next to the hanging installation will experience the (non)scent as much as the softness of the washed items.


wASH silk screen printing - Designer Caroline Jacob reveals the properties of ash by creating a site-specific laundry detergent at Mediamatic. Caroline Jacob


wASH is an entirely natural and environmentally safe washing detergent produced at Mediamatic in 1L units, sourced from one day’s ash output. Caroline Jacob revisits this byproduct of Mediamatic ETEN through heirloom recipes and generates an organic laundry detergent that uses only ingredient found on-site. The soft unscented soap is enhanced with harvested lemon verbena known for its antiseptic qualities as well as bokashi juice, a by-product from ETEN’s organic waste, rich in the role of a softener.


Searching for ingredients -

Product sale

The product is of course more than a display item: it can also be used for your weekly washings. Customers can buy the product at the bar of Mediamatic ETEN for 5,-.


wASH bottles - wASH - Laundry detergent, ash, bokashi juice and fresh herbs Caroline Jacob


Participants take notes for their wASH detergents. -


wASH installation
Accessible during the opening hours of Mediamatic ETEN
Opening: Saturday 9 September
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS, Amsterdam