Workshop: Yeast Hunting

12 Nov 2017

One of the most important tastemakers in your beer happens to be a living organism: yeast. Most beer brewers buy their yeast from expensive suppliers. But what to do if you want to work with your own? In this workshop, you will learn how to catch wild yeast from nature, how to manage a pure yeast culture and how to grow your favorite yeast strain.

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Yeasts / Lager - liquid

Bierkaai Brouwers

In 2015, De Bierkaai was founded as an association for hobby brewers. De Bierkaai organizes beer-tasting evenings every month and aims to share and spread the love for brewing. They organize club-nights and events, for all beer-lovers and hobby brewers in Amsterdam.

Wolter Jonkman

For Wolter Jonkman, yeast has always been more than just the thing you use to transform wort into beer. As soon as Wolter started brewing, the living organism caught his special interest. Wolter is a board member and the co-founder of the Bierkaai, an Amsterdam-based brewing association. He also co-organised the Amsterdam BeerFair, and writes a blog about brewing on

Ad van Nuenen

Next to his laboratory work at the Amsterdam medical center, Ad van Nuenen has been a passionate craft beer hobbyist. Together with Wolter, Ad co-founded de Bierkaai, for which he is an active board member. Combining his laboratory knowledge with his love for hobby brewing, Ad hopes to take his knowledge outside the laboratory to share it with home-brewers. 

Myco Brewery

The workshop takes places in Mediamatic's Myco Brewery. A laboratory / test-kitchen / wet-lab which is suitable for working with fermentation and micro-organisms. Here, Mediamatic works on the development of new biodegradable materials based on beer-waste and fungi. Also, we produce our own Myco Beers, which are sold at Mediamatic ETEN, our restaurant. 

The Yeast Workshops are part of a larger project at Mediamatic where we investigate the use of micro-organisms in food. Take a look for instance at our previous Bierberaad, Fermentology-market or Zuursalon.


Workshop: Yeast Hunting
Tickets: €40,- 
Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Language: Please note that (unless everyone speaks Dutch) this workshop will be held in English.