hard Copy. Book Launch, Lectures & Talks.

With Delphine Bedel, Bruno Ceschel, Clive Phillpot and Joël Vacheron.

3 Nov 2011

Hard Copy.
Book launch, Lectures & Talks.
Guest speakers: Bruno Ceschel, Clive Phillpot and Joël Vacheron.
Curated by Delphine Bedel & Hard Copy.
Artists books by Dorothée Baumann, Romain Legros, Florent Meng, Maya Rochat, Johanna Viprey, Martina-Sophie Wildberger.


BOOKLAUNCH _HARDCOPY_2011 - hard Copy editons.

Lectures: Drawing a parallel between the emergence of artist books in the 60’s and the bible of DIY cyber and counterculture, the groundbreaking and thought-provoking ‘Whole Earth Catalog’ (1968–72), in relation to contemporary modes of self-publishing and distribution, this talk brings together international speakers to bring into question the significance publishing within artistic practice.

Hard Copy is an innovative research and publishing platform that aims to reflect on artist books and printmaking, central to emerging artistic and design practices. Initiated in 2010 by artist, curator and tutor Delphine Bedel, this three-year practice and theory-based project is conceived for the Master of Fine Arts WORK.MASTER at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD).

Editions 2011: Dorothée Baumann / Design Marc Hollenstein: ‘Pleasure Arousal Dominance’. Romain Legros / Design Nadja Zimmermann: ‘Argelas’. Florent Meng / Design Marc Hollenstein: ‘Préambule, Alinéa H’. Maya Rochat / Design Jemery Shorderet: ‘Ma tête a couper’. Johanna Viprey / Design Anna Haas: ‘J’aime plus ou moins la nature’.Hard Copy Martina-Sophie Wildberger / Design B und R: ‘Mon petit alphabet / Mein kleines Alphabet'.

Organisation: WORK.MASTER master of Fine Arts at Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). In collaboration with the Centre de la photographie Genève & Monospace Press, Amsterdam.