How to print a Haeckel Poster

Where to find the file, how to print, how to cut and how to prepare for sending

Whenever we get an order from the webshop we need to print the poster a.s.a.p. This is usually done by the graphic design team. When no one of the graphic design team is available, please take the responsibility to do so.

1. Turn on the big printer and the PC that is connected to the printer. 

2. If there is no paper loaded, get the 160gr. drawing paper and feed it according to the indications on the printer.

3. Go to the server (file01) on the computer and go to Kantoor -> 01-stichting -> 0-MMArchief -> 0-Media Bank -> (the accurate year) -> Graphic Design -> 05-KDN-posters-print -> KDN Posters

4. Open the template (KFdN_Print_Template copy.psd) in photoshop

5. Place the ordered plate in the template, see the placement example how to

6. Press print

7. Specifications: Custom size : 106cm x 240cm

8. Let it print, make sure the poster doesn't fold while printing 

9. Cut the spare white space

10. Roll it up and put it into the cardboard boxes