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Presentation of Kate McLean - Anisa Xhomaqi

With: Kate McLean

British designer and mapper of urban smellscapes Kate McLean is Programme Director, Graphic Design at CCCU and PhD candidate at RCA. She researches fine-grained, human-centred olfactory perceptions of cities worldwide and methods by which this information might be rendered “eye-visible”.

She works at the intersection of human-perceived smellscapes, cartography and the communication of ‘eye-invisible’ sensed data. To achieve this she leads public smellwalks internationally and translates the resulting data using digital design, watercolour, animation, scent diffusion and sculpture into smellscape mappings.

British artist Kate McLean is on a mission: to preserve olfactory memory by encouraging people to be curious about the places that they live in and that they explore. To do that, she’s hosted smell walks in several cities around the world. With the help of locals, she’s managed to distill a city’s scent down into several fragrant notes—a unique blend of its olfactory identity.

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