Iveta Sveckova

Russian Cabbage Inflation

Cabbage is a Russian staple, often deemed the country´s national food, as it is used in many traditional dishes like borch or shchi. In the start of 2014, the ruble dropped over 30% against the U.S. dollar and the cabbage price inflation has been sped up by its fall.



Cabbage almost ready for fermentation - Anisa Xhomaqi


Russia´s share of food inflation is relatively high compared to other, more developed countries that spend less proportion of their salaries on food. 

Any weakness in the ruble will reflect on its price, as 25% of the cabbage needs to be imported (mostly from the EU). But as there has been a ban imposed on import of agricultural products , Russia could not increase its cabbage imports.

 According to a report by Moscow Times, a kilogram of cabbage now costs 80 rubles (1,43$) compared to the former 20 (0,35 $), meaning that the price quadrupled since 2014.

 Russia has in the past been top consumer of EU cabbage, which has been altered by the food embargo, so they strive to find alternative suppliers, mostly from North Africa. The Moscow Times gained intel from some Russian cabbage market insiders, saying that the old supply chains from Ukraine to Poland have been illegally rerouted via Belarus and the Black Sea region of Crimea.