Graphic Design Intern

Instructions for fellow Graphic Design interns

Hey you!

Below you will find a brief manual for getting started as a graphic design intern at Mediamatic.


Office Mediamatic - Staff working at Mediamatic Biotoop

Setting up your workspace

If possible, make sure you make yourself a workspace with a good screen (Imac preferably), keyboard and mouse. You will spend a lot of hours here, so make it a comfortable workspace.


Connect yourself to the server (file01) with your mediamatic e-mail and password. 
On the server there is a folder 0-Graphic Design (kantoor>0-stichting>0-graphic design). In this folder are all the documents that you might need in the future.
Make sure you always save your work on the server, so nothing will go lost. 


Before designing anything, make sure you've read the style guide here.


Most of our prints are done at the office. Therefore it is good to know how the printers work. 
Explanations for the different printers can be found here. Try to make a test print on all the different printers so you know how they work. 

Graphics Room

Have a look at the other graphic design equipment (can be found in the graphics room)

In the Graphics Room you will also find the new toners, ink, rolls of paper, rolls of vinyl etc. 
Paper for the office printers you can find in the office.
Always keep an eye on the stock of these supplies. When you are almost running out, please inform the office manager. 

Regular Tasks

There are some small tasks that the graphic design intern should perform regularly.

  • Printing postcards
  • Updating and printing flyers and whats on flyer
  • Printing Haeckel posters, read here how

If you are busy with other projects that are more important than the above, please let someone who has time do it.