Explore Future Flavors

With: Patick Hurd.

11 Aug 2018

Taste the future in the wild frontiers of food technology. Matthijs Diederiks presents a thorough look at the future of flavoring, as prominent voices in the future food movement join us for tastings, demonstrations, and conversations exploring the technology, possibility, and sociology of flavors. More information will be announced.



Food non Food at the DimensionAir test dinner - Giulia Menicucci

Matthijs Diederiks: Future Foods

Filmmaker Matthijs Diederiks gives an overview of the future foods movement, centering on his year-long experience testing out these technologies.

New Tastes

Ingest innovation in a talk and tasting that gets us up close and personal with the next wave of synthetic flavors.

Yasaman Sheri and Felix Lorsignol: Augmenting Taste in Design

Playfully and through inclusion of people of various sensory capabilities, Yasaman Sheri and Felix Lorsignol propose new ways to educate and perceive our experiences through sensory play, human-machine interactions and exchanges with micro-organisms and living systems.

Patrick Hurd: New Proteins

Eating bugs can be a political act. Explore the implications of new proteins, and savor the taste of insects, in a tasting that is definitely good for you.

Unexpected Food Delivery Systems 

New innovations in food delivery: From popsicles to bars, this talk will explore how to condense nutritional needs into small, efficient systems.


Future Flavors
Saturday 11 August, 14:00 - 19:00
Tickets: Pre Sale: €20 Regular | Pre Sale Students/Artists: €15 | Door: €25 Regular | Door Students/Artists: €20 (excluding 1.10 service cost)
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

With special thanks to International Flavors and Fragrances and Pochpac for sponsoring this programme.