A La Mano

Extending taste to Touch in six courses

26 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018

In this six course dinner, Italian food designer Giulia Soldati and chef Tommaso Buresti present a culinary experience that extends taste to touch. No cutlery and plates are involved, instead our hands are used to enjoy food and to explore new food interactions. The traditional way of perceiving food is replaced by a new body language of dancing hands around the table, becoming a sensorial celebration of the action of eating, twirling spaghetti and breaking thin chocolate surfaces with the fingers.  



Feels crunchy tastes different - Giulia Soldati, Tommaso Buresti

Giulia Soldati

As a designer, Giulia Soldati uses food as a tool to explore the relationship with our bodies. In the modern West, we have created a lot of barriers between our sensory perception and the world around us. With A La Mano, she presents a new culinary experience and language that is closer to our essential sensorial experiences. 


Biotalk - Giulia Soldati demonstrating her 'Contatto' project: small dishes served from the body. Margherita Soldati (IT)

Tommaso Buresti

Italian Chef Tommaso Buresti grew up in the kitchen of his fathers restaurant. He cooks as long as he can remember, and loved to experiment with food. His background in Industrial Design influenced the way in which he looked at food and experimentation. He approaches cooking as research, a trial of different factors, with a delicious end-product. Previously he cooked at Bird in Rotterdam. With Giulia Soldati, he sets out on a collaboration that not only brings great dishes, but a new culinary vocabulary and choreography as well. 


Tommaso Buresti - Giulia Soldati

Neo-Futurist Dinners

In the Neo-Futurist Dinner series, Mediamatic invites different artists to present their vision for the food of the future. In this way, we question the way in which food, art, science and politics intertwine.


Contatto by Giulia Soldati - Contatto is a new culinary culture that advocates a change in the current culture of food, challenging the existing one, which neglects essential sensorial experiences. Contatto provides a new approach to the materiality of food, proposing new ways of preparing and consuming food.


All Neo-Futurist Dinners are vegan. Gluten-free options are available on request. If you have questions or want to inform us about allergies, send an e-mail to


Neo-Futurist Dinner: a La Mano
26-27-28-29 September
Dinner starts at 19:30
Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam
Six course menu: Presale €49,- | Students €29,- (excludes non-alcoholic drink pairing) (excl. 1.10 administration costs) 
Surcharge for alcoholic beverage pairing: € 15,-