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During the Art Olfaction Amsterdam programme, Attic Lab collaborates with the Institution of Art Olfaction and Mediamatic for one of the Playhouse programmes. Attic Lab is an olfactory label based in Arnhem Netherlands and is managed by two perfumers Thijs Elich and Renske van Vroonhoven. They aim to bring scent culture forward to the public by creating many projects involving all kinds of actors from different disciples of olfaction. 


Thijs Elich and Renske van Vroonhoven of Attic Lab - Attic Lab

The perfumers behind Attic Lab (Thijs Elich and Renske van Vroonhoven) both have a background in the arts and worked in disciplines such as painting, photography, musical composition and theatre. Their field of expertise is to work in an interdisciplinary way, combining different forms of art. Five years ago they stumbled upon the subject of scent and started teaching themselves perfumery. At this point they work with scent in the broadest sense of the word. They work with universities, municipalities, academies, in artistic and cultural contexts. Currently they are setting up a crowdfunding campaign to create an open lab space in order to actively open up the scent culture so more people get to enjoy it.

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