Stine Troost, Anne Lakeman, Alice Gimpel


How to use, find, create and demote a Keyword

Subjects on our website are connected through a network of different keywords and tags. By using keywords, tags and links to pages we create networks between pages about the same subject.


Keywords are an important part of linking pages to other pages about the related subjects. The list ‘related’ on the right side of the website is based on the usage of keywords. So the more you use appropriate keywords the more relevant the list ‘related’ can become for visitors.

We have around 130 keywords, some are used more than others and some are not so relevant at this moment, but never delete a keyword. Whenever you delete a keyword, you delete many links between different pages. If you are somehow wondering about why a keyword is existing, look at the website what is linked to it and talk to the Communication Manager about the option to demote the Keyword (to transform it into a tag).


Tags form a smaller network on the website. We have thousands of tags, so linking them is not going to create a precise network. They function as a specification of bigger subject. Thus, you should always use at least one to five Keywords, and use the Tags to support those Keywords.

How to add a Keyword or Tag

  1. Go to Edit
  2. Go to +ADD KEYWORD, which you can find in the first column on the right
  3. Select one to five Keywords, you can use the Categories to specify your search
  4. If you want to add a tag, please check if it already exists under TAG.
    If not, you can create your own Tag under NEW TAG

How to use a Keyword

Use the same Keywords and Tags the page it appears in. If the page doesn’t have any, then you check for relevant Keywords for the page.

Check which Keywords and Tags are used for the collaborating program and feel free to use other Keywords that are applicable for your article.

New Program
Check with the Communication Manager what it is about and go through all of the Keywords to make sure you have all the relevant ones.

Here you find an overview of the keywords we use.

How to find a Keyword

  1. Go to the the admin of Ginger
  2. Go to Search in the top right corner
  1. Fill in the Keyword you want to change
    Hit enter
    Select the Keyword

  2. Don't type anything in the Search bar and hit enter
    Go to Selected Categories
    Select Trefwoord
    Go to the Search bar again and fill in your Keyword
    Select the Keyword

How to 'demote' a keyword / How to change a Keyword into a Tag

  1. Select Change category and/or content group, which is located on the Admin edit page, on the right side in the second column.
  2. Go to Category and select Tag
  3. Click Save
  4. Again, click Save

How to create a Keyword

  1. Go to the admin of Ginger
  2. Make a new page or media
  3. Type the Keyword you want to create
  4. Select Category: Trefwoord or a more specific Category
  5. Select Publish
  6. Click create Page

    In case the Keyword translates differently into Dutch
  7. Click Save and View
  8. Click Edit
  9. Click on the Cartwheel
  10. Select Nederlands
    You will see that the word Nederlands pops up next to English
  11. Click on the Nederlands tab
  12. Fill in the Dutch translation in the title tab