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Tommaso Buresti is an Italian Chef and designer.

After a degree in Design at IUAV (Italy), Tommaso is diving into his passion towards food and cooking by working as a chef in different countries and restaurants. He also collaborated with other disciplines as the project 'Raw Data' shows, where data were represented through food and percentages of ingredients.

Tommaso Buresti grew up in the kitchen of his fathers restaurant. He cooks as long as he can remember, and loved to experiment with food. His background in Industrial Design influenced the way in which he looked at food and experimentation. He approaches cooking as research, with a delicious end-product. Previously he cooked at Milkwood in Cardiff. With Giulia Soldati, he sets out on a collaboration that not only brings great dishes, but a new culinary vocabulary and choreography as well. 

Together with Giulia Soldati, Tommaso has created two Neo Futurist Dinners at Mediamatic. Both were named A La Mano, because no cutlery was involved. The Dinners were about connecting with your food through different senses as usual, like by feeling all the textures. 

After having two amazing experiences at Mediamatic, Tommaso and Giulia loved to become part of our team. Thus, you can see both of them more often at Mediamatic. 

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