Water labtest

Sending samples to the lab

Print the 'monsterbegeleidingf' (bottom page) and send it with your sample to:


SGS NEDERLAND B.V. - Laboratorium
Agricultural Food Life / Consumer Retail
Puntweg 6
3208 LD Spijkenisse

tel: +31 181 694 500
email: nl.horti@sgs.com


1. Pack the 100ml sample in a small box
2. Sign the 'monsterbegeleidingsform (pdf bottom page)' in the bottom of the form (the rest is already filled). 
3. Add the form in the box
4. Print the adres and put it on the box.
5. Bring it to the postal center, normal delivery. Make sure to keep the receipt for Administration and give it to Jans Possel

 Closest potal office:

Bruna, Oostelijke Handelskade 1061, 1019 BW Amsterdam