Workshop: Introduction to Smell!

Make your own Perfume

14 Apr 2019

A trained nose smells more and knows what to do. Always been interested in natural perfumes, scent compositions or the making of your own fragrance? In our newest workshop with Frank Bloem, you will learn the basics of scent-composition and perfumery. In this 3 hour intensive workshop, you are introduced to the world perfume making and the use of natural materials.

Every participant selects their own raw materials to work with and will learn how to blend these into your own perfume. At the end of the workshop, you go home with your newly gained knowledge and a 10 ml bottle of your natural fragrance.

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Deelnemers selecteren materialen uit het geur-orgel - De workshops tijdens Art Olfaction Amsterdam werden gehouden in ons hernieuwde Aroma Lab met het meest uitgebreide geur-orgel van Nederland. Een geur orgel is een geordende verzameling aromatische materialen die een parfumeur gebruikt bij het maken van een parfum.  Anisa Xhomaqi


What you will do

This workshop focuses on introductory to smell. You will learn about the history of perfume, methods of extraction, and the future of synthetic fragrances. Step by step, this workshop covers information on raw materials, molecules, dilutions, use of a scale, and altogether covers the basic strategies for perfume blending. After three hours, you leave with a bottle of your own made scent, while at the same time having gained knowledge about natural and synthetic smells, aromatic molecules, and many more! You'll go home with a 10ml bottle of your own signature perfume.


Odorama: Animal Smell - Frank Bloem - Frank Bloem presents his research about iscussing ambergris, a valuable perfume ingredient, produced in a whale's digestive system.  He lets the audience experience the difference between real and synthetic ambergris.

Frank Bloem

Frank Bloem is an artist who uses scent as his primary medium. He studied Fine Arts at the Rietveld Academy. In the summer of 2016, Frank changed his focus from visual art to olfactory-based works and started The Snifferoo. This perfume laboratory is a place for education and experiments around scent. He made several personalised perfumes, hosts regular workshops, and has recreated the elephant smell of Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo. 


Workshop: Introduction to Smell
Sunday 14 April, 15:00 - 18:00
Tickets: Regular: € 85,- | Students / Artists: €65,- (including €1 administration costs)
Attendance limited to 12 people. We maintain a minimum of 6 participants. 
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam