Setting up a rental in stager

This article describes everything you need to know clearly set up a rental.

    • Login to the backstage of stager at
    • Go to the Event Calender (top left)
    • Click on the Magic Wand icon ‘Add new event based on template’ (top left)
    • Now you can edit the event name, select the template ‘Rental Template’, and edit
      the date.
    • Click on ‘Create Event’
    • You’ll now see the full event edit page.
    • Insert as much information as possible, so the event is clear to all who might read it.
    • Fill in the times of the event, the rooms that will be used and the amount of visitors.
    • In the comments fill in: Contact person, e-mail, phone number, what technical requirements the event has, if the setting of the rooms needs to be changed and what needs to be changed.
    • Next fill out as much info as possible for the catering, is there going to be lunch, just drinks or a dinner?
    • Save the event
    • You can fill in the programme in the timeline function of Stager, but put a small overview in the comments section under programma.
    • Payment method; most rental will be paid by invoice. However it’s sometimes possible that drinks and food will be paid for at the bar after the events ends. If this is the case, please mention this in the event.


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