Maria Bacila

Mechanical Shit

Wim Delvoye's Cloaca

Massive structures made out of steel glass and rubber mechanically digesting cafeteria leftovers acting as automated guts.


Wim Delvoye: Cloaca Nº 5, 2006 - mixed media, 303 x 79 x 333m Wim Delvoye: Cloaca Nº 5, 14.01,2009-14.02.2009, Galerie de l'UQAM, Montreal Image curtesy of the artist's website.

With: Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye builds these automated sculptures called Cloaca, that are all variations on the same concept. The end product is machine produced feces, which are then vacuum-sealed.

‘I wanted to make something that is absurdly unnecessary…I don’t think this biologically correct machine belongs in a science museum. I don’t have that ego. I’m not helping sick people. I’m practically useless in society’ the Belgian artist explains.

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