PLANTMOM Monai - Photographer: Felicia Curlingford @fcurlingford

Monai Nailah McCullough is an indoor plant expert from New York City passionate about sustainable and chemical free care alternatives.

She started her career as a florist in NYC, but after buying her first plant at a hardware store she fell in love. She moved on to caring for plants in offices, retail spaces + building green walls and installations in parallel with tending for 90+ plants at home. After several years she decided to move to Amsterdam to launch her business PLANTMOM, blending her plant expertise and enthusiasm to help people develop more confidence in plant care.

Monai maintains plants and green walls in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and does private consultations and installations for residential and retail companies. Her most recent project is Botanikurs, a series of workshops and classes focused on plants done in collaboration with Mediamatic.

And she hopes to launch her line of sustainable organic fertilizer and starter kits (+much more) soon!