Round Signages

Existing Signs

 1- Corrimano  Margherita Soldati 2018 On foam board 

2- Het parfum On foam board

3- Kunstformen Der Natur Ernst Haeckel & Adolf Giltsch 1899-1904

4- Radiolaria Bernotat & co 2014 On foam board

5- Rocket Stove Hein Kramer 2016

6-a O' Tristana Zeger Reyes 2018 On foam board

6-b      -"-

7- Aquaponics Farm Mediamatic 2012

8- Rederij Lampedusa Teun Castelein 2015

9- NIMBY Toilet Henriette wall 2016 Link on sign does not work it needs to be changed from to

10- Clean Lab Mediamatic 2016

11- Pure Gold Kamiel Rongen 2015

12- Sluisdeuren Load T.P.Q 1878


Missing labels to be considered 

Twijfel Zaaien- Jasmin Moeller & Mash Ru 2015

Aroma lab-  Klara Ravat in 2016/17 we have a sign for the clean lab but not the aroma lab. There are cupboards with various fragrances opposite the aroma lab. Is it suitable to fit a sign there? Originally made for artist in residency

Piss soap- Arthur Guilleminot 2019

No specific link but there is an article

Contemplative Bath(tub)Giorgio Gasco 2018

Wood Fire Clay Oven Christo Markham 2015 

Political Stenciling (Outdoor graffitii) Bahia Shehab 2016

Resomation, Saponification and Taxidermy  Sabrina Franken, Amber Veel, Liza Witte and Susanne Duijvestein 2019

How to install

Whenever there is an installation / art work at Mediamatic that stays longer than half a year, we order a Round Signage.

The Design for the Signages you can find on the Server:
file01 > Kantoor > Graphic Design > Artwork Round Signage

There are two materials that we use to print this on:
1. Foamboard / Temporarily Placeholder

! Use the round cutter machine

2. Emaille / Semi-Permanent
For the more permanent installations at Mediamatic the Round Signages are ordered at:


To make a sign you need the following details:

  • Name of artist
  • Title of work
  • If the work is from a series or an exhibition, also include that title
  • The year the work was made
  • The link to our website

    / Old information that was found after the new template was made

Communication on site


Often we hang emaille title plates next to works that are present for more than 6 months.

Order at WillemsClassics.

Old invoices (April 2016) stated ' artikelcode Z013079 (enamel text signs 13cm)’: probably special request/maatwerk.
The work files are at the serverr: 0-stichting > 0-MMArchief > 0-Media Bank > 2016 > Graphic Design > Art Piece Signs.

In the Graphic Design office there is a box with 'Emaille bordjes’