Key Locker

How to open it and how to replace the battery

As you may have noticed we have a Mauer brand key locker on our ground floor with a variety of keys.
Brand: Mauer
Model: Keylocker
Lock: Eolcam Classic

The lock has a 5 digit code, which you will get on your first day.

How to get a key

  1. Push 'on'
  2. Enter the 5 digit code
  3. Flip the lock switch to the right
  4. Take out your desired key
  5. Done? Push 'on'
  6. Flip the lock switch to the left
    NOTE: Always be sure to lock it properly!

When the power supply is running low, it will give some irregular beeping signal when using the lock. This means you will have to replace its 9v battery.

How to replace the battery

  1. Have a new 9v battery
  2. If the locks is not opening, put the battery on the two grey/silver dots below the digit panel
  3. Enter the 5 digit code
  4. The lock should open
  5. Take a small screwdriver and a size 18 wrench
  6. Take out the screw and the bolt
    NOTE: the one that is keeping the lock flat to the front of the key locker
  7. Now take out the old 9v battery
  8. Insert a new 9v battery