Limelight, Snail Sex and Glowing Butts

Night Garden 8 - with Life that Glows and DJ Flora

2 Mar 2019

Uncover the mysteries of nature: specially designed cameras make the secret, glow-in-the-dark life visible in a stunning display of other-worldly beauty. Expect sex lights, glowing fungi, bioluminescent waters, underwater smells and hidden deep-sea radiance. 

David Attenborough: Life that Glows together with a ScentSet from Olfactory DJ Flora. 

Afterwards DJ Event Assistant will play some funky tunes to dance to! 

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Light on Earth -

Life that Glows

_plant film club

We will enter into the unknown universe of the dark where the only illumination is living light. Here weird and wonderful creatures hunt, mate and even hide using light! Astonishingly, living light may be the norm, not the exception.  

Luminous beings, creatures with their own internal light, enchant and astonish us. Anyone who has seen a firefly or a glow-worm cannot help but fall under their spell. The sea at night sparkles as millions of luminous plankton reveal the shapes of dolphins in a truly magical light show. But why do animals produce living light? For centuries we could only marvel at the beauty and the mystery, but now for the first time we can begin to reveal the amazing truth about living lights. The cameras used are so sensitive they are revealing startling discoveries that until now we could not see. Scientists have entered the unknown world of the boundless deep open ocean with the help of a new generation of submersibles and robots.

This film shows creatures and behaviours never seen before. Sir David Attenborough is our guide as we venture into a new hitherto unseen world; A quest to reveal the secrets of living lights. 


_olfactory dj set

For this event Flora will create scents inspired by 'Life that Glows'. She will trigger your nostrils and fantasy during the film. 

Flora van Dullemen is an artist, model and dancer. She is currently doing her bachelor ArtScience at the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague. She is mainly focused on making art that triggers your nose and sometimes performs as an olfaction DJ.


Dj Event Assistant and AJ Flora - Tia Török

DJ Event Assistant 

Will play some funky, smelly tunes for you to dance to! 


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Night Garden is an event series in which we invite people to share their unique plant-related journeys. Come join us in this parallel universe accompanied by dreamy DJ sets and botanical dancing to keep your winter hearts warm! Using the series Mediamatic will foster a better understanding and establish communication between people and indoor plants. Learning together through playing, interactive exploration and entertainment.