Knowledge on how things go around the Biotoop

- Working times
- Google Calender
- Activate your Stager account
- Access to the Mediamatic platform
- Acces to the Mediamatic website platform
- Keys
- This is our team.
- Holidays
- Lunch and Catering
- Workshops and events
- Shifts
- Laptops and Workspace
- Enjoy your time at Mediamatic

Working times and meetings

• Working times are from 09.30 - 18.00. If you come later or if you are not feeling well please notify Jans ( and your internship coordinator.
• Every Wednesday morning at 09:30 we have our weekly Mediamatic foundation meeting that everyone needs to attend. After the meeting we will do a communal task together to keep the location as beautiful as it is.

Google calendar

• Put your free days (in case you work part-time) in our calendar! Sometimes you receive an invite for a meeting in your mail, you can click on the link and it will automatically appear in your calendar. Also if you make appointments, don't forget to invite the people you need to have present in that meeting. 

Activate your Stager account!

• Go to your Mediamatic Gmail inbox

• There should be an invitation from stager, click on it.

• Set your password and go to your own profile

• Fill in ALL the details. Use your Mediamatic mail as default e-mail address.

You can add your personal email later, please do add your mobile phone number.

You are now the proud owner of a Stager Web-User Account! With this account you will see your hospitality and community shifts and you can also buy your tickets here when you go to events at Mediamatic.

Acces to the Mediamatic website platform

In your Mediamatic mailbox you can find a welcome e-mail for the Mediamatic website platform which is called 'Ginger'. Your username and password are the same as mentioned above (so use your Mediamatic e-mail address and password). If the welcome e-mail is not there. Just go to and try to login in the top right corner.


Only a few people have keys, but there is a key locker with all the keys near the entrance. Instructions on how to use will be given on your first day.

This is our team

On the profiles you can find email addresses and phone numbers if you need to reach somebody.


• Holidays are possible but only after Jans gives her permission. Please keep in mind that you still need to finish your 100 working days so taking a holiday means you have to make up for those missed days, which makes the duration of the internship longer.

Lunch and Catering

• Every week-day except Fridays(!!!), we serve a a Vegan (hot) lunch around 13.30, free of
• The kitchen from Mediamatic ETEN is off limits for staff.
• Coffee and Tea are free of charge for Staff upstairs.
• Coffee / Tea, House Wine and our Lager from Tap are available with great staff-discount at the bar from the Restaurant.

Workshops and events

As an intern at Mediamatic you can attend the Mediamatic workshops and events for free!
Always check availability via Stager and Buy a (free) Staff ticket online if you want to join. Click here to see how.

If you want to stay up to date and always know what’s happening in and around Mediamatic you can sign up to the newsletter here. We also have some awesome content on Instagram and Facebook.


We ask you to spend 20% of your time here for supporting the organisation, this means you will get some tasks like tidying up the coffee corner, helping out during events or doing an exhibition hosting shift. Don’t worry, we will give you an introduction before we schedule you!

Laptops and Workspace

You will be working in our office where we have flexible working spaces on your own laptop. Mediamatic uses mainly Mac, so that is easiest to sync with many of the programmes we use. If you do not have a laptop please let us know in advance, and we’ll see what we can do for you. If you need to use a Mediamatic Macbook for a workshop, please us laptop 7, this is the lecture/presentation/workshop laptop. When using a Mediamatic Macbook please always put it back in the computer closet in de graphic design space (where the large printer is), and if you're the last person to leave, lock it and put the key in de downstairs keylocker.

Enjoy your time at Mediamatic

Please let us know if you have any questions after reading this, or if you have any urgent inquiries!