BSN information

Information for our International Colleagues

Please make sure you have a BSN number. This is a civil service number from the Dutch Government. Without a BSN number we can not transfer your internship fee to you.

  • If you’re not from an European Union country you must have a residence permit. To apply for this.
  • If you’re staying in The Netherlands longer than 4 months. You have to be registered at an address here. When you make your appointment at town hall (centre) you’ll have to show a proof that you’re staying at a certain address, so when you’re looking for housing please make sure you search for a place where you can be registered. Without this they can not give you a BSN number. 
  • • If you’re here less than 4 months you can apply for a BSN number without this. But you still need to make an appointment at town hall (centre).

It can take up to 2 weeks before you receive your BSN number.

Permit information

If you’re not a EU citizen you will need a permit for your stay and internship work.

Internship Contract

On your first day we’ll have your contract ready. 

Please email us a copy of your ID-card/passport ( or bring it with you on your first day so we can make a copy.