Plants in the Office and in the Plantroom

How to take care of them

We have 14 Sky Planters from Bosske in the Mediamatic Office. Each Sky Planter has a GREEN indicator which lets us know the water level in the plant pot. When the green indicator is no longer visible it is time to water the plants. The planters “self watering” but we do need to water them X and fertilize once a month in the growing season of spring to autumn. Always check the calendar for fertilization day!

In Summer we water them on Monday and Thursday, in Winter only on Thursday.


Learn more about the different plants we have here 


To Water

  1. Use the lever to lower the plants.

    Office lever -

  2. Use a watering can to fill each container (slowly) until the green indicator is at, or just beneath, the knot in the monofilament/fishing wire.

    Green indicator on plant container when it needs water -


    Green indicator on plant container when it has plenty of water -

  3. Gently mist each plant using a misting bottle, but not overly wet so they do not drip.

  4. Use the lever to lift the plants up again.

Watering Cans are located next to the coffee storage in the hallway.


Watering Cans location -





Here you can find which plant is where and what the Plantroom looks like.