What it is and how to use it

The Alembic has existed for hundreds of years and is used for distillation. It consists of a boiler connected by a tube to a cooling coil; the distilled liquid is deposited on the bottom of the spiral.
Even though it is an old apparatus, it is still used because of its many benefits.
Copper absorbs sulphur containing compounds and yeast cells which are produced during the fermentation process, which is undesirable in the distilled spirit or essential oil. Copper keeps the distillate sweet.

If the quality of the mash is not microbiologically perfect, copper will improve the aroma of the final product.

Also, it has excellent heat transfer properties, which is helpful for both heating up and cooling down the steam.


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  1. Fill half of the biggest, round container with the raw material and water (about 100g of raw material and 500mL of water)
  2. Connect the top hole to the water tap with a rubber pipe and the lower hole with another rubber pipe. Let the container fill with cold water.
    NOTE: Make sure the container is full at all times so that the coil is completely covered!
  3. Close the alembic with the copper cap and connect it with the spiral.
  4. Heat the base of the container with the raw material through a heating plate and make the water boil.
  5. Collect the oil and the hydrosol that is coming from the spiral in a glass container.