Nour Akoum


Everything (that should be) present at the Aroma Lab

Inventory of the different aspects (tools, machines, solvents...) of the Aroma Lab

1. Solvents 

Currently we work with: 

  • Water (tap water/demineralised water) 
  • Ethanol ('used' ethanol from the Clean lab/perfumers alcohol [cosmetisch haarwater])
  • Butanol (We have 2x 1L bottles)

You can find the ethanol and butanol in the last cabinet in the aroma lab (under the rotovap). 

2. Scents

These are lists that describe the scents we have. The Art & Olfaction sheet is better to understand the scents/composite notes. The Aroma Lab team sheet has more up-to-date info on logistics like amount of scent that we have, repeats, whether they're contaminated or not, etc. 

[- Insert PDF of 'Using the AromaLab'-sheet]

3. Machines

We use 4 methods to extract scents in the lab: 

4. General inventory:

  • 5mL bottles for the Open AromaLab
  • 10mL bottles for the Fragrance Composition workshops
  • Caps (For ordering you will find them under DIN18 CLOSING CAP FOR DROPPER BOTTLE WHITE WITH LDPE)
  • Plastic pipettes (needed when diluting pure raw materials)