Anne Lakeman

Drinks and Coins

Consuming during and outside of office hours

There are different scenarios for consuming at the Biotoop: when you are working, and when you are not working.

Drinks during work for staff

When we have an event at the Biotoop and you are planned in to work, you will get some coins for drinks.

Every coin equals €2
And you pay the "price" that is on the menu, no discounts.

When you go to the bar for a Lager, which costs €3, you give 1.5 coin.
When you go to the bar for a Gaia, which costs €4, you give 2 coins.
When you go to the bar for a Mama, which costs €5, you give 2.5 coins.
When you go to the bar for a Gin & Tonic Tanqueray, which costs €9, you give 4.5 coins.

! NOTE: The coins are valid for the day you got them
Everybody get's their own bag with coins with your name on it.
Please put the bags back in the metal box in the closet behind the desk of the Programme Manager.

Horeca Personel:
After your shift add the coins in the Turnover envelope plus write down on the Turnover sheet how many coins were received that day.

Food during work for staff

If you have worked that day in the office and you work an evening event, you will get Staff Food. On other days it depends on your hours.

  • Do you start after dinnertime (18:00)? You do not get Staff Food.
  • Do you start before 18:00? Please ask the Programme Manager how to communicate this to the Chef.

Drinks at Mediamatic ETEN for staff

! NOTE: when you get coins, there are no discount prices calculated, but the normal prices !

All things listed have -50% discount if you are a Mediamatic employee:

Sparkling Lemonades
Neleman Viognier Verdil (white house wine)
Neleman Tempranillo Monastrell (red house wine)

Pizza Marinara

All other consumable things (drinks and food) are -25%