Botanikurs 101: Repotting

with PLANTMOM Monai McCullough 

14 Sep 2019

"I keep killing my plants"
Is this you? Well, no more! Join our second edition of the Botanikurs workshop and become the plant parent you always knew you could be. In this workshop, we will learn about different ways to repot plants, the benefits of different types of materials and vessels as well as what to expect after repotting and basic care for plants. In this 1.5 hour workshop using plants with different types of root systems, we will get down and dirty* and discuss why the right pot matters! Come learn the basics of plant potting with us and take home your very own plant baby!

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PLANTMOM Monai Plant Potting In the Aquaponics Lab - Maxim Damper, Tia Török


Botanikurs is a series of workshops and classes focused on plants. We invite you to learn and explore the life of plants and its systems as well as master taking care of your plants at home! This program will cover topics from repotting and plant pests to cuttings and will also incorporate master classes for advanced “planty” projects! Curious about how to become a better plant parent? Join us to unlock the secrets of the green world and more! 


Monai McCullough is an indoor plant expert from New York City passionate about sustainable and chemical free care alternatives. She decided to move to Amsterdam to launch her business PLANTMOM, blending her plant expertise and enthusiasm to help people develop more confidence in plant care. Monai maintains plants and green walls in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and does private consultations and installations for residential and retail companies. And she hopes to launch her line of sustainable organic fertilizer and starter kits (+much more) soon!


Workshop: Botanikurs: Repotting 101
Saturday 14th of September, 17:30 - 19:00
Tickets: Regular: €30,-  | Students: €21,- |(including €1,- administration costs)  
Attendance limited to 15 people
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam