Instagram Story Template

How do I use the Instagram Story template?

When you want to design a Instagram story you can use this template as a guideline. But how do you use it?

1. Go to File01 (server) --> Stichting --> Communicatie Stichting --> Instagram Templates. Here you find the file 'Instagram-story-template.psd'. 
2. When you open the file you see a grid of bleu lines on the canvas. The outer blue lines are the minimum size of an existing phonescreen. So be sure you keep the important information, as text and the logo inbetween these lines. If you place text or the logo, put this inside of the inner blue lines. This is to create a bit of space between the information and the border of the screen.
3. The size of the canvas is the maximum size of existing phonescreens. When you create a story, always be sure you extend your background color/image over the whole canvas. And don't place important information here, it's possible it'll be cut of.
4. In the menu on the rightside you find 3 folders. One for the Background/Pictures, one for the logo of Mediamatic and one for text.
Good luck!