Krisztina Czika


Krisztina Czika - with her mug made from harvested human hair and cosmetic wax Margherita Soldati

Krisztina Czika was born and raised in Hungary before she moved to the Netherlands to complete her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. During her studies she was researching materials and it soon became the starting point in her work.

A material is not only simple matter, but it has social, environmental and even a political place in our society. Her work is focused on understanding these aspects to find alternative ways of using materials and embracing potential new qualities.
Krisztina graduated in 2017 when her theoretical research was shortlisted for the GRA Thesis Award and her "Mindless Process" research project was a staff pick for the Art Of Neuroscience Award. Click here to read about her projects The Set Of Matter Varies and This is not a "VÄRDERA".

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