The Children of O

Neo Futurist Dinner 10 - with Design Academy Eindhoven

4 Jul 2019
6 Jul 2019

A mythical community has inhabited Mediamatic to find solutions for the lack of usable water in Amsterdam, calling themselves the Children of O. Mediamatic's 10th Neo Futurist Dinner will playfully explore the effects of climate change on our eating culture and our relationship to water. 


Children greeting each other in with an O - Elizabeth Vasilyeva

The Children of O

80 years from now most of the the northern hemisphere is barely inhabitable...
Humanity failed to prevent its effects on climate change, but accelerated it. Extreme winds, erosion and heatwaves caused desertification - leaving most of the world uninhabitable. In this future scenario a dominant corporation privatised all fresh water sources and moved its headquarters to the only place left on earth with a moderate climate, the promised land: Antarctica.

Some of the people that remained in Amsterdam, gathered and formed a strong community at Mediamatic, calling themselves The Children of O. Their aim is to find solutions for water scarcity.

The Children of O depend on the cultivation of crops in seawater, the use of brackish water from the Oosterdok for food production, and cloud sourcing practices for drinking water. To celebrate their survival and their ingenious ways of working with water, they invite fellow survivors to take an annual trip to Mediamatic. 

During this celebration the Children of O will reflect on the past with its lack of usable water. What is our relation to water? What happens when clean water becomes more scarce? And what impact does this have on our food, habits and behaviour?

The Children of O invite you and other fellow survivors to join them for the annual water appreciation dinner.

Food non Food

The Children of O are a collective of students of the Food non Food bachelor programme at Design Academy Eindhoven. They will host this Neo Futurist Dinner.

Neo Futurist Dinners

In the Neo Futurist Dinner series, Mediamatic invites different artists and chefs to present their vision for the food of the future. In this way, we question the way in which food, art, science and politics intertwine.


Neo Futurist Dinner 10 - The Children of O
Doors open at 19:00, dinner starts at 19:30
Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam
Six course menu: Full price €49,- | Discount €29,-* (including €1, - administration costs) 
Tickets: Thursday 4 July | Friday 5 July | Saturday 6 July 
Surcharge for alcoholic beverage pairing: € 15,-

*We give a discount to students and artists. If this applies to you we will ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option. For questions please send an email to