Picking up the phone

What to do, what to say and what to ask

Normally the office manager will pick up the phone. In case he/she is not present to pick up the phone, please pick it up!


Office Mediamatic - Staff working at Mediamatic Biotoop

  • If the person that's being asked for is in a meeting or out of office, ask for their name; subject of the call and ask if it's okay of you write down their number and they're okay with being called back later, don't forgot to write a date and time on the note and include your name.

  • You can also ask if they've been in contact before, and check if the person they're asking for has their number to call back.

  • If it's an enquire about a rental (so they're calling for the first time), please let them know they can send an e-mail to mail@mediamatic.nl.

  • Never give anyone's mobile phone number without permission, if people call for Willem, his mobile phone number is in his profile on the 'this is our team page'.
    So this is public knowledge.