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Rambling through Rio

Here, anything goes, the law is bendable and the art scene is incredible - if you know where and when to look. Keep your eyes peeled as you glance through my tour and get a feel for what you could fancy here in Rio.


Dani - Fotopintura 21 x 29 by Daniela Antonelli Daniela Antonelli

My name is Daniela and my goal is to primarily introduce you to the world of Brazilian arts. We're going to spend lot of time at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, my school. This school has a talent for producing famous Brazilian artists and no wonder - they are located in the middle of a peaceful forest, have expansive exhibition space and conducts many projects and workshops that require the participation of it's visitors.

Later in the morning, I normally go treasure-hunting at the Feira dos de São Cristovão, an art market full of odds and ends to grab your attention. We could meet up with Mario Vitor, a photographer and illustrator. You and he could explore some art galleries (Gentil Carioca, Mercedes Viegas, Galeria Anna Maria Niemeyer) in between finding some of the more intriguing street art along the way. When the day is done, Mario offers to take you to meet some of his friends for live samba over at the Democraticos to complete your day of treasure-hunting.

Culturally seen, I think the Centro Cultural Correios displays some of the best work from local and internationally collaborating artists. If you are hungry for more, stop by the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil with their killer exhibitions and rare art library. Artist Charles Watson is happy to be your guide in these places and will help you understand the underlying art scene in Brazil on your cultural centre journey.

For a neighborhood chock-full of interesting art opportunities, Santa Teresa is where you want to be. Along with your new friend, artist Otavio Schipper, you wander into the Hotel Castelinho 38 to look for some fresh art exhibitions. Together, you also decide to hang out around the Parque das Ruínas, a house that serves as a hub for artists in a live underground art scene. If you keep an eye out, you might catch a street performing group striking up an impromptu concert.

If you're interested you can join me at a bazaar where I'm selling my unique clothing line 2x1. Or go to Leonardo da Vinci Bookstore that specializes in art and philosophy books. You may have the pleasure of engaging in conversation with the owner, Vana Piraccini, who has a compelling history with her bookshop. For a relaxing evening, treat yourself to one of the best places to taste authentic Brazilian cuisine at Miam Miam.

Last but not least, I can recommend you to see what is going on over the the Praça IV square where many arty people are known to hang out.

Fun hang-outs
casa da matriz

Try not to
go to Copacabana beach
hang at any touristic point in the middle of the afternoon (too hot)
be anywhere deserted at night (very dangerous)
carry a lot of cash with you
be indiscreet

The bus is really complicated unless you know exactly which one to take; and even then it probably won't be on time.
Cabs are the best way to get around.

Cost of a day in Rio de Janeiro
R$80 - R$120 per day