Send Email - Workshop Participants

How to send an email to specific Workshop Participants

Here you can find what to do when you need to inform workshop participants that bought a ticket about something. This can be beforehand to tell them what to bring, but this can also be after the workshop to inform them about pick up times or recipes.

Please read the following steps carefully. If you need any help visually with the step, under the text you can find screenshots per step.


Sending an email with Stager - Go to Stager - Relations

 How to send an email with Stager to specific Workshop Participants

  1. Go to Stager - Relations
  2. Search Advanced
  3. Scroll to Attendance
  4. Go to Events visited and click Add
  5. Choose the workshop you are emailing about
  6. Click to select the date you are looking for
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Search
  8. You then find everyone who bought a ticket online
  9. Select them all by clicking the check mark
  10. Click Send an email with Stager
  11. Here you can find how to continue