Dyson Fan

How to control and use the Dyson Fan

Any Odorama event will need the Dyson in order to spray scents out to the audience. (If you're the aroma jockey, remember to spray near the top so the scent reaches people at nose level!) 

The best way to control the Dyson is via the app. Normally you can use the app on the ticketing iPad. In case the iPad is dead/unavailable or in case you work Odorama more often, take the following steps.


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i. Download the Dyson Link app on your phone 
ii. You will see this screen. Choose 'New Owner'


Dyson 1 -

iii. Create a login with your mediamatic email and make a password for yourself. 


Dyson 2 -

iv. Add the machine to the app


Dyson 3 -


Dyson 4 -

(tap on I can't see my machine)


Dyson 5 -

(choose air treatment)


Dyson 6 -

(Choose the first option)


v. When asked for a password, enter p74dllbv

vi. The app will ask if you are the owner. Choose "no I am just using it"


Dyson 7 -

vii. You're all set up! Tap on the bottom left icon (the remote) on the home screen. 


Dyson 9 -

viii. You can use the remote screen to control the Dyson. If it is already cold in the room, turn the fan off when you are not spraying scents. The main functions in use will be on/off and oscillation



Dyson 10 -