Guest Rooms

How to prepare the rooms

On the Second floor of the main building at the Biotoop, we have four guest rooms.
The rooms do not have names, they have numbers (1, 2, 3 and 4).

The keys to the rooms can be asked at the Office Manager or Programme Manager.
Each room has a set of bed linnen.

In each room the following things are present:
- one bed frame (three wooden bedframes L200cm x W120 cm x H39cm)
one mattress (120cm x 200cm)
- one blanket
- one pillow
- a sink
- a mirror
- a candle
- one white chair
- one wooden stool

What to do when a new Guest arrives?

  1. Add the Guest to the door system with their full name + what they are here for + working phone number with the correct country code (Amy Toner ODORAMA 00447 ...)
  2. Check welcome letter + update it
  3. Check if they have two keys (one for the aroma lab, one for the room)
  4. Check arrival time and possibly manage to leave keys with letter in an envelope in the locker box + let bar know
  5. Check if there's enough toilet paper and paper towels on the toilet
  6. Place a new piece of soap and a shampoo bottle in the room
  7. Check if the room is clean
  8. Put fresh bed linens and sheets on the bed
  9. Put 2 towels (1 big, 1 small) per person in the room
  10. Put a new plastic bag in bin