Welcoming and Ticketing

How to do ticketing at the door and how to provide information

One of the most important things for the person at the door, is to be well informed about everything related to the dinner.

Here is a list of things required at the door:

  1. Laptop with wifi
  2. An internet page open with Stager - Tickets - Door Sales
  3. An ipad
  4. SumUp machine
  5. Coasters for drink pairing
  6. Menu's
  7. Walkie-Talkie
  8. Printed Guest list (Optional)

Here is a list of things that you have to do:

  1. Welcome the visitor personally
  2. Ask for their ticket
  3. Scan it
  4. In case they did not buy a ticket yet, ask them if they are a student or an artist and accordingly fill in the correct amount in SumUp
  5. Fill in on Stager - Tickets - Door Sales
  6. In case they did not buy an Alcoholic Drink Pairing, ask if they would like one
  7. Use the SumUp machine to let them pay for the drink pairing
  8. Fill in on Stager - Tickets - Door Sales and select Drink Pairing
  9. Ask for allergies
    1. Instruct them to tell the BarStaff when they are seated at the table that they are the one with a ... allergy
    2. Tell the contact point that there is someone with a ... allergy.
  10. Tell/show them where they can hang their coat
  11. Tell/show them where to go next
  12. Wish them a great/nice/fun/... evening
  13. Ask if they are okay with pictures (optional)

In case there is a question about the evening or about the food that you do not know, ask the contact point.

The flame glass tube should normally be placed at the entrance too. Before the event starts, check if there's gas left or not. In case you have that, please make sure you bring it inside and close the gas at the end of the ticketing session.