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As a speaker during Odorama, Raymond Timmer will give an interview about the leather fetish and the role of scents within the fetish.

He will talk about what the leather scene is like. What are the struggles of being a leather-person? What does it take to feel free, to dare to walk around in leather in the open, in his daily life? 


During my former title (Mr. Leather Amsterdam 2017) I have been active in the scene to give more visibility to leather (and other fetishes).  I tried to take a different approach, be more visible and organize events like “Leather Eurovision” which was very successful. We’ve joined at many prides and raised money for Chechnya and the horrible things that are happening to gays there. Before my title I have been active raising awareness for HIV/Aids and this I have continued. I am currently also part of a project raising awareness and reduce Hepatitis C infections. These are topics which are very important to me and I will continue during my year as MLE. My overall message is simple, be who you are and don’t conform. Be proud of who you are and your fetish.

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