Billie van Katwijk


Billie van Katwijk -

Billie creates beautiful purses from a special kind of leather, made from cows stomach.

She will introduce us to the practice of making leather from other parts of the cow than the skin, and the smells that accompany that process. Dog owners will know this smell because the material she uses is also known as pens. And of course she will bring the awesome and beautiful result.

Billie van Katwijk is fascinated by nature; alive and dead, in all its purity and imperfections. As a result of her love for animals and nature, she tries to highlight the beauty she sees in them. Often she does this by (re)using natural forms, colours and materials. In her work, materials, tactility and colour are important themes.

Van Katwijk believes in showing contradictions and taboos, but avoids judging them. That’s why her approach is unconventional, discussing existing rules, habits and dogmas and leaves the beaten track, to create something new.

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