Marie-Claire Springham

Secretopia Intern

Everything you need to know

Welcome New Secretopia Intern and come on in! Grab a chair, there’s coffee in the pot and ooooh, is that a biscuit? So you’ll be writing blogposts about Secretions for the next 100 days, you lucky thing! Here are some guidelines:



Spunk blood piss shit spit (1996) - A picture by Gilbert & George containing some of the well known, but unaccepted components of our bodies - of course, all magnified. See more here

What goes into a Secretopia article:

- 200-300 words, and ask a colleague to proofread your work before you post it.

- One or more images that are well cited and of a high quality. If you can use images that already exist on the website, all the better.

- One artist and one event that they have done that relates to Secretopia. Look at Dezeen and Vice articles for inspiration.


What is relevant to Secretopia:

- Anything recent that relates to Art/Design and...secretions! Hurrah!


Artist Profiles:

- We like to create individual profiles for all of the artists that we write about. It creates a nice library and also make it easier for us to credit them for their work

- On their profile, please include as many of their details as possible. 

-It's also nice to contact them to express our interest in their work. Then they can read your article when it's published!


Technical Stuff:

- Use up to 5 keywords per article also, there's no need to include "Secretopia" as a keyword.

- Use as many internal links as possible. You’re adding your work to a web of other articles and it’s good for the website if they all link up.

Rinse, repeat and enjoy!