Workshop Management

What, Who, When, Where and How

To manage a successful workshop, we created a standard structure that everyone can use to create and run a workshop. 


  • What: What’s do you do at the workshop? 
  • Who: Who’s the Teacher?  How many participants?  Is an Assistant needed? 
  • When: Date? Time? Duration? 
  • Where: Location?
  • How: Stager? What are financial agreements? What is the text that we’re using for social media? Who’s on it? What’s the minimum number of participants? When do we know if it’s cancelled?


  • Which room?
  • Check list for the space: How to set it up for the workshop and how to put it back to its standard set up?
  • Is there a First Aid kit available?
  • Check the workshop sheet how long before the workshop you or an assistant should be present.
  • Let the bar staff know where the workshop will be.
    Maybe we can add this sentence to the ticket or to the event?
    “If you don’t know where to go, please ask at the bar”
  • Check if you need to get gloves, lab coats, etc. at the Clean Lab for the workshop
  • Make sure the room is ready 30 minutes before the workshop so that the participants are welcome to enter.
  • After the workshop wait 15 minutes before the clean up starts. Please do inform the workshop giver about this so that they are in on it.


  • People can still buy a ticket 30 minutes before the workshop
  • Inform Horeca about mobile ticket buying
  • Inform people that they have to make an account on Stager to buy a ticket on the spot
  • Click here for Mediamatic Hospitality standards


  • Who’s doing ticketing?
  • Where is the ticketing table?
  • What do you need for the ticketing? Click here for ticketing tutorial

After Workshop

  • Actively invite the participants to MediamaticETEN and point out that by showing their workshop ticket they get a discount on the three course menu

Post production

  • Write to programme manager about how it went (general report + ideas/suggestions)
  • Were any tickets bought at the door on the day of the event?
  • Is the amount of participants as mentioned on Stager correct?
  • (For programme manager: Fill in the amount of participants & communicate finances to relevant parties)