Shraddha Ranganathan

Creating an event template in Stager

How to use and create an event template

Adding a recurring event to Stager can be fast and easy if you use a template. Follow this guide to make one. 


Creating a new template -


II. Creating a new template:

1. There's a new series of events, but no template yet? No stress, here's how you make one. 

 i. Stager → Admin tab → Event Templates  New (button on the bottom of the page)
ii. Name the event 
iii. Choose the current date
iv. Set up the times (start, end, etc)
v. Tick the spaces that will be in use
vi. Change status to confirmed
vii. Choose event type
viii. In comments, make a basic information sheet. Add a link in comments to the relevant knowledge page.

2. Now finish the new template with as much info as possible

i. Add in basics of personnel (AV support, event assistant, ticketsales, photographer)
ii. Add in ticket information. In the example I've used Odorama ticket prices. Don't forget to scroll down to guest tickets and check the boxes for door and web.

3. Add in any other relevant, recurring information. 

And you're done! You just made life easier for yourself.