Floor plan, Standard Set Up, Optional Set Ups, Furniture Inventory and Technical Inventory

The Clean Lab at Mediamatic is a sterile laboratory workspace that facilitates the growing requirements of designers and artists who want to expand their work into biological fabrication. It is a clean space that makes use of disinfectants and a ‘sterile air laminar flow hood’, which keeps a constant stream of filtered air flowing through the lab. The clean airflow is vital for microbial work to keep out contaminants. Fungi, yeast, micro-organisms, bacteria, and algae are all living materials that we are able to work with.

Fermentation Lab

Our fermentation lab is a controlled kitchen environment, next to the 'clean' part of Mediamatic’s Clean Lab. This workspace is dedicated to our fermentation experiments and events. There you can distill your liquors, brew beer, grow Tempeh and build strange objects out of mycelium. It is a fermentation experimentation kitchen designed for biological work that does not require a sterile airflow.


The Bio Clean Lab in Dijkspark - The Bio Clean Lab stands as a separate building in Dijkspark, amidst local gardening projects and at the water's edge. Megan Bishop

Furniture Inventory




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White Chairs Antonie         12    
Round wooden stools      count again         IKEA
Stainless Steal tables          3    
TV Displpay           1    
Big fridge Elitech           1    
Washing machine Siemens


Individual stove (cooking plate???)          3    
Ladder           3    
Kitchen mixer           2    
Magnetic stirrer           1    
Microscope           1    
Electronic stirrer          1    
Glass exhibition stand          3    
Vacuum sealer           1    
Kitchen scale           6    
Microscale           6    
Small fridge           3    
Protective glasses          11    
White lab coats          17    
Blackboard          1    
Pin board           1    
Portable heaters           2