Email activity

How to keep track of a sent email


Checking Stager Email Activity - Email activity - 

  1. Go to Email Activity under Stager - Relations
  2. You can see under
    Recipients - How many people you sent the email to
    Opens - How many percent opened the email
    Conversions - 
    Purchases - How many bought a ticket after opening that specific email
    Revenue - How much money we earned because of the purchases
  3. By clicking on the eye icon you can view email
    This is handy in case you need to copy the text of a specific email
  4. By clicking on the upwards arrow icon, you can open charts
    This is handy when you want to see exactly how many and when the recipients received the email
  5. By clicking on the list icon, you can find the list of people you sent the email to
    This is handy in case you have to send another mail to the same people